Walt Disney   

Walt Disney was a highly successful creative businessman with all of his animated movies and television programs, however when he decided to open theme parks very few people believed in his great vision. Banks and money lenders rejected him many times. He had to find other ways to make his dreams come true. Walt needed at least 17 Million dollars to get the project done, so he mortgaged all of his properties and borrowed from his life Insurance that he had been putting tremendous amounts of cash into for such future opportunities. Without the cash in his life insurance policies, he would not have been able to complete his dream and build the first DISNEYLAND.The world is a better place for Walt and his dream.

Ray Kroc

We all know about McDonald’s the largest fast food restaurant worldwide. Ray Kroc had his dream to have McDonald’s restaurants all over the USA and used his cash that he was squirreling away in his whole life insurance policies, to keep his restaurants afloat. He paid salaries and used the money for general cash flow to keep the business solvent. Stories like this are just a few examples of the opportunities that were available because the high cash value permanent life insurance was already in place.


major Companies that own billions of life insurance


-General Electric

-Johnson & Johnson


-Walt Disney 

-Harley Davidson

-International Paper

-Bed Bath & Beyond 



-Proctor & Gamble

-General Motors