Life Insurance The Building Block

Life Insurance


· With the right Life Insurance, and the right companies in place.

Double or triple benefits can

provide you and you family with opportunities for real growth and peace of mind.


We will show 

· How the wealthy use Life Insurance as a tax-free personal bank to super charge your savings.

Becoming You Own Banker


· Your family is protected , and Your money continues to grow. 

· No matter what happens in the stock market!

· With the right policies, set up properly you now have cash that you control, In reality you now have your own bank

 The big key is to use your cash for real opportunities. No need to go to a bank to ask for a loan, you control the cash for your benefit. Once you use your money for your benefit: It makes good sense to pay yourself back 

 When you use your money, the cash, and the dividends continue to grow. 


Our Clients


  • Michael S. , Commack NY Tax Attorney & CPA. FRL Is Always there for me! The Best Service!

  • Andrew K. MD, Flushing NY
  • Frank at FRLFinancial  Is aTrue Friend, One I Trust Completely!

  • Joseph A. Real Estate Owner New York City,..The Right Information for me and my Extended Family!

The Key is to Build The Most Cash Quickly

  • High cash value + dividends that are readily available for:

 large purchases such as:

  •   A new car
  • Down payment on a home!
  • Cash to start a new business
  • Or to grow your business

Corporate News

  • The smartest businesses insure their top  Executives with large amounts  of Life  Insurance not only for the death benefit , also for the cash benefit that  guarantees The stability of the business. 

Chosing The Right Companies

  •  Only The Best companies are used for our customers. 
  • Companies that can help build high cash values, and super protection.