Additional Information

As a young man I wanted to become a working Jazz musician, a drummer to be exact.  Living in New York City,  I had the opportunity to hear some of the great big bands,  such as Count Basie,  Maynard Fergerson,  Buddy Rich to name a few.  I also went to hear smaller groups such as Miles Davis,  John Coltrane, Sonny Rollins and many others.  I spent many nights going to Birdland to listen to all the greats.  The Palladium was also a great place to hear many of the Spanish bands like Tito Puente, Machito, Eddy Palmeri and many others.  I had been working around town playing in small groups earning a living. 

Once while practicing in a music studio,  no one else was around,  I felt that someone was watching and listening to me practice for a about half an hour:  it turned out to be the Great Jerry Mulligan.  Things were okay at that time,  a few of my friends were working with some great bands, unfortunately drugs had entered their lives,  I already new I would never let that happen to me.  The reason I knew  I would not touch any drugs is simple:  I had to have a minor operation after being  honorably  discharged from the United States Marine Corps Reserves. Before the operation they prep you with drugs, at that point I came to the realization  that drugs is not the answer to anything, except laying around. My three older brothers were already married and out of my parents home, I  was already taking care of our home at that point.  

My Father  had a massive heart attack. My dad died soon after the heart attack and I saw that the lack of enough Life Insurance did not give my mother many choices.I was approached by several life insurance companies to become a salesmen and thought I could make a real difference in peoples lives, and I have for over forty years.  In the  beginning  I still played with several bands but after a few years concluded it was better to concentrate on helping people build real wealth and protection and Retirement Security!